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Colon Diverticuli / Diverticulitis / Bleeding Diverticuli

Diverticuli in the Colon are very common. It occurs as commonly as 50% in a person aged 60 years old and above. These are ’pockets’ in the wall of the Colon. Several theories have been postulated as to why these occur but none are conclusive. Thankfully, more than 80% of people with Diverticular disease have no symptoms and are not affected by it. Twenty per cent, unfortunately, are affected by inflammation of the Diverticuli (Diverticulitis) or bleeding from the Diverticuli.

Diverticulitis (Inflammation of Diverticuli) can be treated conservatively by antibiotics and many times, the diverticulitis resolves. However, sometimes, Diverticulitis causes complications like perforation and abscess formation. Surgery may be required for this. Surgery usually entails removal of the affected segment of Colon.

Diverticuli may sometimes bleed for no reason. It presents dramatically with diarrhea of blood. The blood is usually dark red (blackcurrant) liquid and sometimes clots may be passed. Patients are usually admitted to hospital and supported with IV fluids and blood transfusions, if necessary. A Colonoscopy at that time may identify the bleeder and the bleeding may be stopped by injection or clips. Sometimes, an angiogram may be performed and if a bleeding site is found, the feeding blood vessel may be embolised. In a few circumstances, emergency surgery may be required.

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Medical expenses are a concern for many patients. It can, sometimes, be overwhelming to deal with the various health insurances, especially if this is your first encounter. Our staff will assist you with the administrative part of your insurance, as far as possible. Dr Teoh is on the panel for the following Integrated Shield Plans : NTUC, AIA, Great Eastern (GE), Singlife (Aviva), AXA. We are also willing to assist with any other insurer, Local or International.

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